What is in a Name?

In 1998 Robyn Thibodeau and Sandy Jessup opened the Sailing Cow at the Bass River Marina. Each of them wanted to bring to the restaurant a part of their past. Sandy, raised on a dairy farm in New York and Robyn from Caribou, Maine decided to bring the country to the water - thus the Sailing Cow was born.  In 2005 we relocated from the Marina to the Beach!!

Site Dedication

Unfortunately in 2002, the Sailing Cow experienced a devastating loss to our family. Our head chef, Jerome Munroe, passed away unexpectedly. He was instrumental in the success of our business. Our site is dedicated to his honor.

Where to Find Us:

Sailing Cow Cafe
170 Old Wharf Road
Dennisport, MA 02639


Phone: +1 508 760- MOOS (6667)

Website:  www.sailingcow.com



Restaurant Hours


May 3rd @ 8AM

Want to Make a Reservation?

Call +1 508 760-6667 

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