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"There is always a clause in contracts that is overlooked. In the event of a death in the family the vendor will make every effort to find a suitable replacement. This is never something I thought would impact my big day, but unfortunately Robyn of the Sailing Cow Cafe had a death in her family days before the wedding and so she handed off the wedding to her manager Donna. I won't lie, I was worried, but needlessly so. I think it's important to let people know that this happened, because even though Robyn was dealing with a family loss she still maintained her professionalism and handed my wedding off to an amazing woman who she trusted to do a fantastic job. Donna really did a wonderful job. At some points there were things I realized I had forgotten to tell Donna, but she figured out everything all on her own and it came out amazing. Her and her team worked in confined quarters at my tiny venue with very minimal amenities to work with. They kept hot food hot and cold food cold. Water glasses stayed full and servers squeezed through tight spaces to serve food quickly. Never did I hear a complaint or a bad word from anyone on staff about the heat! They really did amazing. Donna popped her head out at one point to see the dancing and was encouraged to join in...she got a round of applause for busting out some moves and then made her way back to the kitchen. They were really a pleasure to work with and things all worked out swimmingly. They may not seem like a go to place for wedding catering, but I can assure you that they pull out all the stops to make your event perfect. It may be a small restaurant, but they have a ton of experience in catering events. Not only did they handle the food, but they also worked with the rental company for chairs, tables, linens, etc. since my venue did not have any of that. They even got a dance floor for my small venue so that guests could dance all night long. It really was perfect, they went above and beyond.Quote from customer"
Stephanie Kelly

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