You must be the change you wish to see in the world

As I reflect on the 24 years that the Sailing Cow Café has been operational, I think about how the restaurant has grown into a close knit Cowmunity of people.

I think about all the outreach and help this restaurant has provided over the years, being a good neighbor and advocate for Dennis Port.  We have sponsored softball teams, little league teams, DY Redsox, given to the local food pantries, raised money to support local schools, sponsored events and gift cards for charitable causes, become a shelter during hurricanes and tornadoes, and many small acts of kindness to our guests. – giving a glass of milk to renters who wanted to make coffee in the morning, giving pieces of bread to an elderly lady who wanted to make a sandwich but couldn’t get to the store, delivering hot meals to guests that couldn’t cook for themselves, staying open during disasters to provide bottled water, a safe haven, and free food.  The list is endless.  And equally, the guests have given back twofold - bringing us trinkets, souveniers, letters, and simply a genuine thank you.

As we begin our 25th season, we have now hit some bumps in the road.  I have been amazed at the outpouring of well wishes and help along this tough journey.  That is why starting now and throughout the 2023 season, the theme for the Sailing Cow will be Cowmunity

Cowmunity is a round-up campaign that we will give everyone the choice to round up to the nearest dollar. Rounding up your bill to the nearest dollar will start building a fund for giving.  All this money will be used for Cowmunity purposes.  We will donate to causes around Dennis Port. 

We will provide a list of the good deeds done on our website

Kindness is Contagious

By buying this t-shirt today you have started us on our way.  The Tshirt costs $25.00.


Tshirt Only   $25.00

Tshirt + extra $25.00

Tshirt + extra $50.00

Tshirt + extra $100

Tshirt + extra $

Spend more than $100 and get a free tote bag

Wear your tshirt to opening day or post a photo to our facebook page and get a $5.00 gift card to use on your next purchase.