As the Cow Turns - July 24, 2019

Today was the aftermath of the Tornado on Cape Cod.  Who would have thought that a tornado would touch down on Cape Cod and moreover touch down at the Sailing Cow Cafe in Dennis Port creating havoc and devastation to the area.  We were lucky that our damage was limited to strewn objects and loss of electricity.  Other people in the area had trees land on their properties or business.  Luckily the cowmunity was safe and no one was seriously hurt.

When there is tragedy in an area you see people come together to help neighbors, friends and even strangers. Dennis Port is a highly sought after vacation spot so you can imagine in the middle of July there were a lot of people on vacation.  I know that they received warm hospitality from the Cow and we even provided shelter for some during the storm.  We did our best to stay open and provide food and drink to an area that was devastated and pretty much shut down for 24 hours.

I wore my lady liberty socks today to work to remind people that we are one nation and one community and it was nice to see people pulling together in the wake of the devastation to help one another.